What Wine Goes With Spaghetti

"What wine should I serve you for dinner?" That is often the first question, a good friend asks when dining with me. I have spent so many years teaching and doing research in the world of wine, that I feel qualified to help answer that age-old question. Before I get too far into the explanation, I am going to have to make one easy distinction. That is, when it comes to food and wine, what goes with what is usually called a "theme." A theme is a general idea or style of eating that informs the choice of wines to accompany it. So, for example, the idea that a romantic meal with dessert should start with a glass of Pinot Noir would probably be considered a theme, whether you were having a Valentine's Day celebration with strawberry shortcake or chocolate eclairs. Now let's get on with the explanation. What wine goes with egg mixture? The answer is that any red wine is perfect, as long as it is not too strong or bitter. In fact, some chefs add an egg mixture to a meal just before putting it in the oven or drying it on a spit. Carbonara, creamy cheeses such as quiche with eggs, and even certain white sauces are some of the best choices for this combination. Another great idea for what to eat before a meal with spaghetti is leftover pasta. Most people have at least some leftover pasta lying around the house, and it is usually easy to cook and easy to prepare. You could simply shred the pasta with a large knife or cut it into small pieces (depending on how much time you have left in the day) and cook them. When you feel like it, put some of the pasta into a frying pan or bake it directly in the oven. The key is not to overindulge-you do not want your pasta to be overcooked and mushy. Let's say you are having company over, and they ask, "What do you think of pasta?" You could simply reply, "An egg and a hamburger." This might not go over so well, but what you might not know is that there are a number of other ways to use pasta to make a great cheese burger recipe. Think of all of the possibilities. An egg and a tomato sandwich, an egg and pepper sandwich, egg and cheese pasta salad-there are literally hundreds of combinations, which are all equally as delicious as each other. If you cannot make it to a party where people ask, "what do you think of spaghetti, eggs, and Carmen sandiego?" Consider making this joke for a family reunion, a church bazaar, or any other gathering where your friends might appreciate a good belly laugh. Don't worry about looking like an authority, just knowing the answer will brighten everyone's day and put them at ease. Just remember, an egg, a tomato, a bread stick, and cheese are the classic ingredients for any great Carman's Sandiego punch recipe!In case you didn't know, Hannah Montana taught us that eggs help make us feel like we're really children. For example, when we eat an egg, we giggle uncontrollably, and eat the egg white with our favorite sauce (Hannah's choice). This explains why you should definitely eat your vegetables with bread sticks, and not with raw egg, for example: eating something raw is much easier for your stomach than eating something cooked, which is why we recommend the raw vegetable approach instead of the salad approach in this instance. For this next Sunday, try to incorporate something from the above article into your shopping list. Even if you only get home once per week to pick up what you need for the weekly groceries, it still adds up to a lot, so don't neglect your Italian food this time around. You can also always grab one of the recipes found in this article as well if you feel like trying something new, but the Spaghetti recipe above is by far the easiest to replicate and it won't take much time out of your already busy schedule.