This (Very Tasty) Green Smoothie Transformed My Body

Johnny's Restaurant & Smoothie Bar have opened their doors to the community.  The restaurant is the first new restaurant in the community since the closing of the old Lakewood Cafe and Green Smoothie bar and the Lakewood Inn, which were the second and final location for the popular restaurant chain. The San Diego, California pizza delivery to the Lakewood Inn was replaced by a brand new restaurant, which is a very welcome addition to the area. Johnny's Restaurant & Bar feature two restaurants in one, which includes the casual pub, The Johnnies and an extensive bar area. It sits in a historic building on the southwest corner of the historic district. The design of the restaurant and its features are inspired by New York City, except the smoothie bar, which is soooo LA. The diner-style menu features sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and burgers and includes a traditional open kitchen. The atmosphere is casual and friendly. A large display case offers a selection of local beers and wines. A large bar and a separate private dining room make this a comfortable and inviting place to dine with family and friends.

Sandwiches and Salads

There are several menu items available. A number of sandwiches are offered, and they include the deli sandwich, the roasted chicken sandwich, the Reuben sandwich, and the beef stew sandwich. Pastrami and turkey are also available. Other appetizers include the Caesar salad, the Greek salad, the shrimp appetizers, and the spicy salmon salad.

The regular menu items and smoothie drinks are well received. The Reuben sandwich is a favorite with both locals and tourists alike. A roasted chicken sandwich is a popular option for breakfast. The classic Deli sandwich is served every day. Vegetarian entrees include the Asian salad, which are full of fresh vegetables, and the vegetarian mushroom soup. There is a coffee house available to drink coffee. The menu at the Coffee House includes specialty iced coffee, decaffeinated, and regular brewed coffee. Flavored teas such as cinnamon sugar are available. There is also a variety of desserts including cakes and cupcakes. Lakewood Ranch is a safe community that has a great deal of shopping and entertainment options for residents. Shopping is located in the northwest section of the community and includes numerous stores and restaurants. Lakewood Mall, which is one of the largest malls in the country, is just around the corner. The Lakewood Ranch is also home to the new comedy club called "The Laugh Factory" as well as the Lakewood Ranch Playhouse, which has an indoor playhouse, the entrance is near the green smoothie bar entrance.

Both are open for nightly performances. Other entertainment options for residents of Lakewood Ranch include the Lakewood Rodeo and the famous "Chick's Famous Chicken." Located in the northwest part of the town are the new restaurant and hotel known as Lakewood Ranch. This luxurious establishment offers a wonderful location to dine. This establishment is located on a large parcel of land that was once a horse arena. It features an indoor swimming pool, a golf course, and a spa.


Another popular destination is the "Tacos" restaurant. This restaurant is a very fun place to visit during your visit to Lakewood Ranch. Here you will find delicious authentic Mexican cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients. There is also outdoor seating and live entertainment available for those who like to dine outdoors. The "Tacos" has been featured on the CNN show "The Travel Channel." For those who enjoy the finer things in life there is no reason to miss a visit to the "Tacos." The "Tacos" is also featured on "The Travel Channel." The restaurant serves outstanding dishes at a very reasonable price. There are also an excellent selection of premium cocktails, wines, beers, and spirits available.