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Linwood, NJ  is found in AtlanticLinwood, NJ is found in Atlantic county, and includes a community of 6658, and is part of the greater Philadelphia-Reading-Camden, PA-NJ-DE-MD metro region. The median age is 47.8, with 12.2% of this residents under ten years of age, 11.5% between ten-19 years old, 7.7% of citizens in their 20’s, 9.2% in their thirties, 13.8% in their 40’s, 17.7% in their 50’s, 12.7% in their 60’s, 8.4% in their 70’s, and 6.6% age 80 or older. 46.3% of town residents are men, 53.7% women. 58.8% of citizens are recorded as married married, with 11.1% divorced and 22% never married. The % of residents confirmed as widowed is 8.1%.

The typical household size in Linwood, NJ is 3.22 residential members, with 85.4% being the owner of their very own homes. The mean home cost is $285752. For individuals leasing, they pay on average $1583 monthly. 67% of households have 2 incomes, and the average domestic income of $109013. Median individual income is $44167. 3.4% of residents are living at or beneath the poverty line, and 11.3% are considered disabled. 5.5% of residents are ex-members regarding the armed forces.